Why Run?

All runners should find their own Rundamental reasons to get out there. As your coach, let me present a list to help you start your journey. Do you know about lists and the Rule of Threes? A list of two is too short and simple, but four is too long and complex, making three just right.

Run for Nature, Health, and Pleasure

So, I suggest you run for Nature, Health, and Pleasure. Those can mean different things to different runners, and you can go your own way working that out. But running well is largely about repeating good moves, so I’ll go ahead and double down to suggest three finer points in each.

Run for Nature because we have legs. As the song goes, “Baby, we were born to run!”
Run for Nature because as the songs say, “What a wonderful world!” and “There’s such a lot of world to see.” It makes our hearts sing.
Run for human Nature: We have minds set for quest. What’s over the next hill? How far? How fast? “How many roads …?”

Run for Health because the heart grows strong with just 25 minutes of exercise a day a few times a week. The heart can sing louder if it’s stronger.
Run for Health because our stress response is better as fitness improves. When the world occasionally is less wonderful, we can ride out the storm.
Run for Health because the stronger we are, the more we can do.

Run for Pleasure because we are kids at heart. Run for fun.
Run for the Pleasure of company. Most anyone can run anytime, anywhere with friends and family. Running is individual action that unites us in shared experience, effort, and dreams.
Run for the Pleasure of rewards. T-shirts, awards, and gear are cool (except for the ones that are warm)! And a low reading on a stopwatch or a scale will have your heart singing a joyful song!

If doubling down seems like one step short, or if three threes seems like one layer extra, let’s answer both objections and take a third step to the top layer. Translate Nature, Health, and Pleasure into a “Three of Life”: Legs, Heart, and Mind. Yes, that’s the three you can run with.

Run with Legs, Heart, and Mind

Run because you have everything you need to be better tomorrow than you are today.